Skinny Kids

“A good time. Or just a feeling. Anything to cheer somebody up or make them feel better and take their mind off it.” That’s Nick…


Like their name suggests, wild/kind is neither totally crazy nor solely sugar sweet; as guitarist Mark Payerl says, “We’re wedged perfectly in the middle and…

Kiss Painting

Enter the basement laboratory that is Kiss Painting. It’s dingy and abrasive, made up of images, stories, moods. Everything is carefully placed, with dead noise…

Here's The Thing

There’s nothing more beautiful than two people who are truly in love. It’s a wonderful thing, indeed worthy of great celebration. So then why am…

Discorder Revisited

Our first date almost didn’t happen. Gord and I were in a band together, the Debutantes, and when he asked me out to the Stranglers…

Fist Full o’ Snacks

“To climb the glass mountain, one first requires a good reason.” – Donald Barthelme I’m 10 minutes early for our interview, but Robyn Jacob is already…

Editor's Note

May is here and you know what that means: it’s open season for music festivals. I’m talking about more than just the ones that rhyme…

Under Review

Thee Ahs

Corey’s Coathangers (Jigsaw)


Full Moon Sessions (Hard And Heavy Records)


Triumph and Despair (Independent)

Filthy Liars

If All Else Fails (Cry and Cry Again) (Independent)


Real Live Action


w/ Holy Hum

Gal Gracen

with Young Braised, Wetface & Space Bros
April 11th @ They Live Video


with Shuyler Jansen and Joyce Island
April 9th @ The Biltmore