Hidden Towers

When Hidden Towers took first place at CiTR’s Shindig 2009 competition, it marked the first time since 3 Inches of Blood’s 2001 victory that a…

Half Chinese

Half Chinese, a Vancouver-based indie/avant-garde rock band, placed second in Shindig 2009, CiTR’s annual battle of the bands. Harrison Pratt, Enzio Verster and Danny Dakak…

Never on a Sunday: Part 3

  Rock & Roll Pizza Party (Third Wednesday of the month) Venue: The Biltmore Music: Garage and punk DJs: Kyle Scully, John Arnett and Ashley…

Chin Injeti

Chin Injeti is not shy. From terrorism to sex to post-colonial literature, the Vancouver-based producer/musician initiates candid conversation on topics that I, as an interviewer,…

Instrumental Love: Kidnap Kids!

I was invited into the Kidnap Kids! jam space, which is really just the garage behind Celina Kurz’s parents’ house in North Vancouver. I was…


The Olympics are coming to town and at this point, unless you plan on flying standby to escape, you’re probably committed to riding ’em out….

Makeout Videotape

In the summer of 2008, Mac DeMarco finished high school in his hometown of Edmonton, promptly packed his bags and headed west to Vancouver. “I…

Under Review

Bob Wiseman

Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle: In Her Dream (Blocks Recording Club)


Des Cassettes et un Walkman Jaune

Four Tet

There Is Love in You

Anami Vice

They Made Me Do It (Self-Released)


Friends Forever (Old Life Records)

Sea Wolf

White Water, White Bloom


Real Live Action