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Jay Malinowski

Bright Lights & Bruises

Pirates Blend

Review By Robert Fougere

Jay Malinowski - Bright Lights & Bruises
Jay Malinowski – Bright Lights & Bruises

If you are a giant fan of Bedouin Sound Clash, than chances are you will also enjoy the album Bright Lights & Bruises, recently released by Bedouin frontman Jay Malinowski on the group’s new label, Pirates Blend. The press release that accompanies the record declares the album a “soul-purging recording,” and something of a therapeutic exercise, helping Malinowski to heal from the emotional damage caused by years on the road touring with his immensely popular and sexy band.

The album is everything it claims to be and the emotional wavering is definitely apparent in Malinowski’s voice. There is a stylistic span on the album, ranging from piano-backed vocals to simple songs with a jangly Western feel. Malinowski is definitely at his best when he is not trying, and the track highlight is definitely “Life is a Gun”–which sounds a lot like a pared down version of the Shins “New Slang,” less the vocal harmonies that make that song so good. Fans might also appreciate the rerelease of “Santa-Monica” a song written in memoriam of a friend, which Bedouin stopped playing at a certain point because it had seemingly lost its spiritual significance. Even more good news: Malinowski is scheduled to play the Biltmore March 18!