Real Live Action

Peace / Tight Solid / Katie GoGo

w/ Tight Solid & Katie GoGo

Honey Lounge; January 13, 2010

Review By Sean Nelson

At the end of the year, or in this case, of the decade, Katie Gogo and Suzie Q brought an end to the Beehive monthly with a one-year anniversary show brimming with energy and eclecticism. Katie Gogo started the night off with a charmingly spare set showcasing the singer-songwriter’s sultry voice and idiosyncratic lyrics. For much of her set, GoGo accompanied herself on ukulele, but she was joined by several guests, including PrOphecy Sun for some haunting theremin (an early electronic instrument) accompaniment, and Suzie Q for a rousing rendition of “Hit the Road Jack.” Songs about spelunking and buying American Apparel tights alongside some en français lyrics made for a delightful start to the evening.

Things then took a turn for the post-punk as Tight Solid hit the stage. The band looks to be Vancouver’s answer to A Place to Bury Strangers, with their gloomy tone and overall loudness. Comparisons to Joy Division and New Order seem easy to make, and given the cover of the latter band, apt. The band’s presence and composure helped them live up to their name and showcased a sound that carries on the legacy of the Organ.

Finally, Peace brought the night to a close with a set not to be missed. Singer D.M.M. Geddes started things off by stripping down to his underpants and delivering stilted lines like the love-child of Bob Dylan and Mark E. Smith. The band’s aesthetic isn’t that far off from an act like the Intelligence: ready to party indie rock with enough of a sense of the bizarre to make it stand out. Those in attendance got a good idea of the why the Edmonton ex-pats had been generating buzz in their hometown, and will likely be doing so here as well. Given the talent that was showcased, it’s sad to see the Beehive go, but at least it went out with a bang.