Sarah Davachi

“Music’s always subjective, it’s an experience. … But I try to be as responsive to the neutral aspect: frequency relationships or textures that allow people to feel something — I don’t care what they feel … but I’m trying to use sound to make people look inwards.”


“It sucks that all those amazing independent venues in people’s basements are just gone now. It feels like Toronto with all those new venues moving in.”


Back and Still Running

As the sun dips below the brick buildings of Gastown, I stand with Kevin Doherty, guitarist and founding member of Vancouver’s premiere ‘sludge-fuzz rock’ band…

Remembering Todd Serious

This March, Canada’s punk scene lost one of its loudest voices: Todd Serious, lead singer of long time Vancouver punk band, the Rebel Spell. For…


“There are two sides to the name Sumac. One is just the aesthetic of it: the way the word looks and sounds. The other side…

Under Review

Viet Cong

Viet Cong (Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar)


Serfs of Today (Self-Released)


The Deal (Profound Lore Records)


The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Sub Pop)

Real Live Action


 with The Passenger, Invisible Ray
March 19 @ The Biltmore

Sarah Davachi

with Kensington Gore
March 14 @ Fox Cabaret