Advised in jazz dens, scribbled by beatniks, and nodded during the reigns of rock and grunge; the word ‘cool’ has survived decades of discourse. As…


It’s one of those sleepy winter afternoons that could easily pass for spring. The sun hangs lazily in the waning hours of daylight as I…

Reef Shark

“That’s the good thing about being good friends in a band. You can just, like, shit on each other.” It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon…

Zoo Age

Some musical partnerships are simply meant to be. Take Chris Von Szombathy and Tyler Greentree, for example. It was only by chance that the two…

Fantasy Prom

Fantasy Prom are a band with a plan. A careful staggering of new music, strategic touring, and a reliance on past band experiences all come…

Under Review


Glam Returns (Independent)


The Apple in the Pig's Mouth


Real Live Action


w/ PUPS and KMVP

Tim The Mute

with "No, Boy", Dead Soft and Woolworm
March 7th @ The Cobalt

Real Estate

with The Shilohs
March 4th @ The Rickshaw Theatre


with PUP
March 3rd @ The Media Club