Under Review

Jody Glenham

Dreamer EP (Independent)

Review by Robert Catherall

From the gripping melodrama you might expect to stumble across on a late night Frenchmen Street bar hop, the rough edges of Focus Pull have been smoothed out on Jody Glenham’s follow-up EP.

Focused, composed, and showing no trace of the piano-driven show tunes that her solo debut rested on, Dreamer begins on the lugubrious leftovers of a one-night stand: “Between You And Me,” whose final repeated lament, “What my body takes / Should surely make a heart break,” resonated with forlorn lovers citywide on last year’s sneak-peek Dreamer 7”.

Produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, The Parson Redheads) at his Red Rockets Glare studios in L.A., Dreamer is a six-song outing laden, yet never overwhelmed, with his Idaho Falls roots.

“Forever The Affair” accompanies lush instrumentation with Glenham’s hapless, often transparent, outpourings: “Just get me drunk tonight / I need to feel / Something so raw, rugged, and real / Never the love / Forever the affair.”

The lone hometown hymn “Gypsy Babe,” recorded in 2012 at FaderMaster Studios, stands out as a small-town import among Richards’ meticulously adorned studio arrangements.

Meanwhile, “He Has Your Name” solidifies Glenham’s California departure as the songstress belts it out like a boxcar beauty atop the sombre steel of this southbound train: high hopes, eyes alight.

Closing the EP, “Quick American” and “Dreamer” illuminate Glenham’s uninhibited vocal range as it flirts between rollicking guitar licks and haunting late night visions — the type that inspire visionaries to drop everything and ramble the countryside in search of their own voice, and a producer to showcase their homegrown talent, teasing at Glenham’s desire to be known beyond Vancouver’s city limits.