Sled Island 2016 Is Soon Upon Us!

Sled Island returns for its 10th year this June 22nd – 26th! Located in Calgary, AB, Sled Island is a multi-venue arts and music festival featuring…


Editor’s Note

That gloved, dancing doughnut-like character on my Music Waste pass forecasts chill times to come on the weekend of June 4-7th. His jazzy shimmering hands…

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Dada Plan

Updated October 27, 2014, at 10:53 p.m. Free /frē/ adj. Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be…

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Thurston Moore

It seems like a lot of people have stopped paying attention to what Thurston Moore has been doing since he and Kim split a couple…

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La Luz

Hot off the heels of a successful summer — with festival dates scattered across the Pacific Northwest that included Sled Island, Sasquatch!, Bumbershoot, and Bartfest — Hardly…

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Art Bergmann

It’s been two decades since Art Bergmann, who once fronted early Vancouver punk groups The K-Tels and Young Canadians, picked up his guitar and performed…

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It’s tough to believe that a quarter century ago seminal math-rock group Slint quietly issued their debut album Tweez to the world. Even more remarkable…

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Limbs of the Stars

“Ask around.” That’s the catch phrase for many concert-goers right now—and it’s not just for after hours. After the city was strangled of many of…

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Every once in a while a group, or a musician, comes along and challenges everything society thinks they know about the youth of the day….