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Glam Returns (Independent)

Review by Natalie Hoy

Those in the mood for a euphoric listening experience do not have to venture far; with the likes of Tame Impala and MGMT gracing the airwaves, psychedelic pop continues to be a genre on the rise. With that said, listeners should be more than satisfied after taking a spin with Glam Returns, the latest release from Halifax, Nova Scotia natives Walrus.

Psychedelic pop is by no means the most creative of genres — but the three-piece band has managed to produce some well-crafted tracks that give it a fun twist.

Opener “Banger” alternates between a slow, entrancing state, and jittery, garage-rock vibe. The varying tempos invite listeners on a journey within the song itself. However, the lo-fi distortion makes it difficult to decipher three-quarters of the lyrics.

Fortunately, the rest of the album improves in that aspect, starting with “Bulash.” The mellow number alludes to a troubled relationship, supported by the band’s lead vocalist wailing, “After all that we’ve been through now / I’m forced to say to you / I just want it to stop / All I want is to stop and think about it.”

Title track “Glam Returns” lives up to its namesake, reminiscent of an edgy ‘80s rock song. Lines like “I don’t think it’d be bad to have you around / ‘Cause when I feel too high you always bring me down” create a reflective yet indecisive atmosphere.

The EP closes with the melancholic “It’s No Myth To Me,” a psychedelic rock tune seeming to center around the theme of anti-conformity. Clocking in at over eight minutes long, the lyrics “Would you reside within a world of make believe / And just come back to Earth to breathe?” question the artificial elements present in our society, amongst fuzz and steady drumbeats. The final two minutes feature a guitar solo — like something pulled straight out of a hard rock concert.

Walrus’ Glam Returns has the ability to take listeners on a wistful adventure with its honest lyrics, ambient melodies and rock influence, and it’s one venture you wouldn’t want to hop off of anytime soon.