Francesca Belcourt

They're Not Songs, They're Zongs

“That’s why I called it Zongs,” she says, “because I don’t really think about them as songs. They’re just something weirder than that to me.”

tv ugly

Crammed Onto a Couch

“It dawned on me that their kind of musical compatibility should come as no surprise, since they seem to be starring in their very own, real-life TV show.”


The Downtown Eastside Women’s Art Collective Zine Release

“In that moment, I reflected on my positionality. I considered how this sense of uncomfortability is structural”

VIVO New Additions

VIVO Vancouver!

“Hopefully more Vancouver video artists will take note of the event and start submitting their works to help put Vancouver back on the map in the global video art community.”

Mesa Luna

Pop Discoveries

“There is a drawback to technology that you can have this infinite opportunity to microedit everything to shit, but it also gives you this opportunity to really throw some paint at the canvas and see what happens.”

Other Jesus

The Second Coming of Other Jesus

“…the band has built both the skills and the confidence to write, record, and perform a growing catalogue of loud, catchy, and often satirical post-punk songs.”

Under Review


Lake of Tears

Tough Age

I Get the Feeling Central

Real Live Action


w/ Cygnus, DJ Rob Hall


w/ Freak Heat Waves, Malcolm Biddle


w/ Herman Kolgan, Maotik & Metametric, Nicolas Bernier, artificiel