Under Review


Fountain 2


Fraser Dobbs

Fountain aren’t Victoria’s best-kept secret anymore. Since their self-titled LP, this band’s infectious post-punk anthems have been loitering in the heads of Vancouverites daily, in between their rare but rewarding mainland appearances.

The logically though unoriginally named Fountain 2 is largely a continuation of the themes the band explored last year with a more refined edge and even catchier tracks. With a smattering of weirdness in the form of instrumental jams and experiments breaking up the larger vocal tracks, Fountain 2 manages to stay symmetrical with its predecessor without giving too much away. Although the vocal-backed songs are so much more exciting and jubilant than their instrumental cousins that it’s a shame to think some of them might have been vetoed from the record to accommodate the interlude pieces.

Without a doubt, Fountain’s high-energy, post-punk, art-house vibes are contagious. There isn’t a single song that doesn’t threaten to plant the band’s trademark chanted choruses in the listener’s head for weeks. In the case of these islanders, “more of the same” is high praise. Many of the tracks on Fountain 2 have been honed over years of live shows, and the extra diligence paid on each song pays off immensely.