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Sandy and Nora Talk Politics

“As shown by recent controversy over a comment Loreto made on Twitter regarding the role of race and gender in the international response to the Humbolt tragedy, the pair do not shy away from big questions and issues.”

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Black Dresses

“Chaotic, confrontational and downright cathartic, Black Dresses’ debut, WASTEISOLATION is an electronic noise-pop gem.”

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Freak Heat Waves

“Weaving a rich mixture of synthetic and analog percussion, dial-tone sythwork, droning bass riffs and twisted guitar, Beyond XXXL takes the post-punk identity that the band built with their two previous LPs and warps it until it is altogether a new thing.”

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Pale Red

“Recorded in just two days, this album sounds far from rushed as the band creates a perfect storm of indie rock, melancholy, cheekiness and razor sharp songwriting.”

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Corey Gulkin

“Both hypnotizing and heartbreaking, the songs take a step forward from traditional indie folk and mix together jazz, folk and electronic. All the Things I’ll Forget is a raw and artfully constructed album of bold arrangements and eclectic sounds”


Be the next Under Review Editor!

This is a bittersweet announcement that Discorder‘s Under Review Editor, Max Anderson-Baier, is stepping back from editing to focus on his own writing — bitter…

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A Very Fatal Murder

Would you listen to a comedic podcast if you are the main butt of the joke? How about if it specifically makes fun of you…

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Seth Kay

After your first listen of Seth Kay’s debut album, Attention, you could be forgiven for thinking that the Vancouver artist has at least a dozen…

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Carrying a dark intensity that mirrors the complexion of her self-released singles, Vi’s latest work, blackwater, carves itself a place in an accusingly poignant wasteland…