Glad Rags

Laughter and Noise

“Let’s be loud instead of being quiet.”

Night Mayors

In Praise Of Night

“How can you make good legislation if you don’t know what’s going on?”



“You bring an idea and they’re like ‘Hell yeah man, I bet that could fit right here.’ It’s awesome. I’ve never had anything turned down, and sometimes the ideas are pretty wacky.”


The Powar of Words

“Jasleen Powar is like dress rehearsal, but Horsepowar is who I am at my full potential, at that exact moment.”

So Loki

You've Got Me Itchin' and Scratchin'

“Especially where we are in Canada, especially in Vancouver, there’s a lot of diversity so we’re definitely trying to push that boundary a bit. Make people feel weird.”

Hits and Misses

Running a Record Store is a Hit and Miss

“The medium for punk has always been vinyl. So it has never gone away, in my mind.”


Totally Mosfett

“Vancouver definitely gives you a hopeless vibe, but it isn’t truly hopeless yet.”

Under Review




Abject Obsessions

Real Live Action

Ora Cogan

w/ Ace Martens, Paul Stewart

Verboden 2016

w/ Weird Candle, Egrets on Ergot, Flowers & Fire, Shadowhouse, and more

Yung Lean

w/ Tommy Genesis, Thaiboy Digital