Nam Shub

I’m sitting with Nam Shub — Bill Young (guitar/vocals), Scotty Boe (synths), Caton Diab (bass), and Matty Harris (drums) — in the alley outside Diab’s…

Kingfisher Bluez

If one spends enough time in Vancouver, it becomes all too common to hear people bitch and whine about the frustrations of trying to be…

Gang Signs

In the middle of a lengthy email thread attempting to coordinate band, photographer, and writer schedules for an interview with Gang Signs, Discorder received an…

Under Review

Jay Arner

Bad Friend/Black Horse


Melancholy and the Infinite Shadness


Real Live Action


with Hemogoblin
September 20 @ Lucky’s Comics

Black Mountain

with Ladyhawk, Basketball, Quest for Fire, and Von Bingen. August 25 @ The Waldorf.


w/ Haiku Charlie

Advance Base

with Hello Shark, and Chris-a-riffic.
July 4 @ The Biltmore.