Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

by Laurel Borrowman

This summer was fun. I got to play with my friends and ride bikes a lot. I slept in everyday, too. Sometimes we went to the beach when our parents would drive us. But that only happened a few times because sometimes it was so rainy and sometimes it was too hot. One time, I was walking on the rocks and I slipped and cut my knees on the barnacles, but then my mom put some BandAids on them, and I looked tough. I had a lot of slushies, too. Probably too many, but they are so good, so I think it’s okay.

The end.

Now it’s back to school time, hey kids? If you aren’t going back to classes, then you’re likely just being constantly reminded that summer is nearly through. Either way, I encourage you to get outside and enjoy. Soak it in like you did in elementary school when those precious few months were the most coveted and important of the whole year. Do it.

Not that there’s much to be down about this September. Like what? Like the kick-off of SHiNDiG, CiTR’s annual three-month battle of bands, where groups like Japandroids and Three Inches of Blood got their start. Like features in this issue on d.i.y. label Kingfisher Bluez; black moss-eating, electro-goth-playing trio Gang Signs; and psych-rocking, yard-saling quartet Nam Shub. This month also marks the first of five issues where we’ll skip jauntily down memory lane with past Discorder artists and contributors in honour of the magazine’s upcoming thirtieth birthday in February, 2013.

This summer has indeed been fun, and it isn’t even done. Get out and play. I’ll meet you at the swing sets.

Read on and stay rad,

Laurel Borrowman