Instant Theatre

When you ask many people around town about improv, Instant Theatre is bound to come up. While the company’s been through many incarnations, helming itself…


The word ketamine refers to two things: one is the name of an anesthetic substance famous for being a recreational sedative. The other refers to…

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Summer Fest Freakout!

Welcome back to the season of more sun, no school, and seawall bike rides. It’s almost officially summer and along with planning road trips and camp outs, you’re probably scheduling your musical events, too. Wondering what there is to look forward to? Look no further. Discorder’s staff sounds off about their favourite events from the past, and what they’re getting jazzed about this year.

Real Live Action

Apollo Ghosts

with B-Lines, Watermelon and Diane.
May 10th @ The Rickshaw.


w/ White Lung, and Cindy Lee

Safe Amp’s Grand Opening

w/ Cascadia, Village, Fake Tears, Chris-a-Riffic, PUPS, Chung Antique, and Collapsing Opposites