Needles//Pins turned three years old this May, released their first full-length album, 12:34, on Lethbridge-based Mammoth Cave Recording Co., and are embarking on a cross-Canada…

Capitol 6

The scene is a back lane off East Broadway where Capitol 6 guitarist and vocalist Malcolm Jack and I drop in on bandmate and bassist…


The Pep’n’Ched is an important part of the tour experience. Found in the darkest corners of gas stations, it is one stick of pepperoni fused…

Young Pacific

The delightful sun-soaked season invading Vancouver can be demanding; the urge to live life like you’re in a ‘90s pop video becomes insatiable, forcing you…

Summer Fest Preview Pt. 1

IN THE HOUSE June 1st  to 3rd INTHEHOUSEFESTIVAL.COM WHO:  Maria in the Shower, Moka Only, and a whole bunch more. BRING: A box o’ wine…

Under Review


Righteous Rampage (Independent)

Buckman Coe

By the Mountain’s Feet (Buckman Coe Music)


Real Live Action

Die Mannequin

w/ Victories, The Lifetakers, and Dearly Beloved


w/ Wintermitts, and Thee Ahs


w/ Chung Antique, and Movieland