Record Store Day

Is there a sound any more satisfying than a needle hitting vinyl? Grant McDonagh, owner of Zulu Records in Kitsilano, has invested a lot in…

Red Cedar

Standing in front of the formerly titled “Red Cedar House” off of Oak Street, I feel like an audience in front of a stage. Once…

Indigo Kids

The term “indigo children” was originally coined in the ‘70s to describe select members of the next generation as supernatural. These days it has come…

Dirty Spells

“Make more laser sounds!” I’m sitting in a swivel-chair at Watershed Productions, a recording studio overlooking Victory Square. An hour earlier, I met Greg Pothier…

Under Review


The Palm at the End of the Mind

Black Mountain

Year Zero: the Original Soundtrack (Jagjaguwar)


Like a Living Being


Real Live Action

Family Studies

w/ with Dada Centauri, Cadillac Spring, Yankee Yankee, and Mongst

Blind Horses

with BEAMSS, and 80(sun).
March 11 @ The Electric Owl.

Half Chinese

w/ Chris-a-riffic, Lunch Lady, and Jeff Johnson