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Evy Jane

Evy Jane

King Deluxe

Review by Chris Adams

King Deluxe’s first foray into releasing vinyl has a lot to say. We are living in a world of “post” genres, and the fusion of styles heard in recent releases from the likes of James Blake and the Weeknd are a testament to the hedonistically blissful vibes that this often sorrowful classification can illicit.

The two-piece, Evy Jane, comprised of songstress Evelyn Jane Mason and producer Jeremiah Klein, have captured much of this atmospheric overtone with the release of their first single, “SAYSO.”

The title track’s ambience subtly engulfs minimal percussion with its cleverly teetering sub, as it arouses images of an unspoken emotional stalemate. Mason’s repeated mantra, “Didn’t I tell you not to be so kind to me?” carries an uncanny indulgent hedonism that haunts throughout.

“OHSO” takes the vibe from shudder to swing, as it kicks in a sub-pulsing synth while subtly swaying along with denser percussion. What could undoubtedly be a mid-set tool for selectors, “OHSO,” shows off Klein’s ability to construct minimal dubstep grooves that make this side of the genre so likeable.

Local mainstays Max Ulis and Taal Mala are respectively responsible for remixing “OHSO” and “SAYSO.” Taal’s subtle rework of “SAYSO” transforms its original melodic appeal into a slightly more dancefloor friendly mix that complements the vocals with rolling broken percussion and impressively moody one-shots, all supported by the same healthy sub present on the original. Max Ulis takes “OHSO” and aims it directly at the dancefloor with a well constructed 4/4 refix that truly stands alone.

Reminiscent of works that defined the genre over the past few years, this isn’t necessarily a landmark release, but represents the healthy progression of the fusion of R&B and what has come to be called “Bass Music”.