Animal Collective

In February 1983, Jennifer Fahrni and Mike Mines published the first issue of Discorder. That means we are nearly 30 years old. In the next…


Basketball has finally arrived home in Vancouver from a year long stint in Europe and they bring with them a spirited collection of sounds and…

Art Project: C/R/I/T/I/C/S/

C/R/I/T/I/C/S/ is a collaborative “band” with Justin Gradin and Andrea Lukic. It is tape loops, guitars, collages and drawings compiled in a 50-page book borrowing…

A Room-A Loom

On the corner of Colombia and East Hastings, where people who walk the streets are often observed with accusing eyes and where people who legitimately…

Bev Davies: Play It Loud

Bev Davies displays a consistent and practiced eye at capturing the performer freed of the self-awareness that often plagues formal or posed photos. Her retrospective…

Sled Island – Reviews

Sled Island is one of the best music festivals in Canada. A number of Vancouverites made the journey inland to see it and among them…

Sled Island: Colin Newman Interview

Following the legendary performance by post-punk group Wire at Sled Island 2008, Colin Newman returned as the festival’s curator in 2009 in addition to performing…

Under Review

No Age

Losing Feeling


Real Live Action


w/ Listening Party & Twin Crystals

Mika Miko

w/ The Audacity & White Lung & Nu Sensae


w/ Empty Love & Diadem


w/ Ghost House & Hermetic