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Cathy-Anne McClintock

Cathy-Anne McClintock (37 Records)

Review by Florence Ng

One glance at this record and you’re probably going to think–“Oh God, more love songs from the perfect, innocent countryside,” but Cathy-Anne McClintock’s angelic voice (never once tainted by meaningless, gag-worthy puppy love lyrics) will make you fall in love with this album. Guys, don’t hesitate to pick up a guitar and give these thought-stimulating lyrics a try, and if that special someone still isn’t interested, then it may be time to give up.

This album spans the range from hopeful rainy day songs and hit-home ballads to the five-minute finale that finds McClintock preaching of God, love and humanity. Country music has always been an acquired taste, but McClintock’s beautifully crafted harmonies make for good background music on a cloudy Monday. Try lying down, closing your eyes and listening to the sound of her voice on a low volume and feel yourself whisked away from the tensions of life and into sheer relaxation.