Real Live Action

Collapsing Opposites

w/ Fanshaw, Julianna Barwick, Tally Ho!, The Milkies

Funky Winkerbeans; June 26, 2009

Robert Fougere

One day after the passing of the King of Pop, five bands put their mourning aside and took the stage at Funky Winkerbeans to celebrate the continuum of twee. The bar had a heavy air of somnolence as lone soldiers, obviously devastated by the loss of Michael, occupied most tables, many looking as though they had not showered or shaved in months.

The first band up was Tally Ho! This aptly named duo was charged with the task of warming up the crowd. Fortunately, they were up to the challenge with a newly expanded repertoire of songs, all featuring lush vocal harmonies and instrumental accompaniment that matched their country stripes and neck scarves. Brooklyn native Juliana Barwick followed up, playing what was her first-ever Canadian show. Barwick’s effect-heavy looping vocals channeled the orcas of Howe Sound, haunting the patrons of Funky’s like delirium tremens. Fanshaw followed this performance with the necessary indie grooves to reground the audience.

Before the headliners there was a surprise appearance by the birthday band, the Milkies, who only perform on the occasion of a birthday. [On this occasion, the birthday of illustrious CiTR/Discorder alumnus Parmida Zarrinkamar. Hi Parm! –ed.]

Collapsing Opposites was the last to play, and front man Ryan McCormick’s experience shone through as he recited his monologues and soliloquies with a poignancy reminiscent of Jonathan Richman. Tactfully dealing with an interruption from a drunken navy veteran in the crowd, McCormick declared, “Congratulations, sir, on a completely successful life!” And congratulations to all the bands on a completely successful performance!