Spencer Davis

“When I asked my dad if I could get a guitar, he wasn’t into it. He said it was a phase and thought I should…

The Tourist Company

“We wanted something to do with travelling or a feeling of transience, not having a permanent home. How would you describe it, Taylor?” Jillian Levey,…

The Flintettes

“We were all friends from playing in other bands.” Mike Flintoff, thin, sanguine, and bespectacled, sits at a 90 degree angle from me in the…

Ace Martens

The cover of Vancouverite Ace Martens’ recent cassette release Silent Days is a photo of a man standing on the deck of a cruise ship….

Vancouver's Waste-Makers

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-April, I arrived at the Strathcona store-front apartment of Mark Richardson, one of the main Music Waste festival organizers,…

Editor's Note

I remember it clearly. Discorder’s art director, Jaz Halloran, and I were sitting across from each other, partaking in a few beverages post-office hours at…

Gorge-ous Vibes

Sasquatch is more than just a music festival. Yeah, there are incredible bands and some of the best live performances you’ll ever lay your eyes…

Under Review



No Sinner

Boo Hoo Hoo (Provogue Records)


Try It Again (Independent)


No Bad Days (Independent)

Real Live Action


w/ The Godspot

Evan Dando

with Sara Johnston
May 9th @ The Biltmore Cabaret