Discorder Staff Sound Off

It doesn’t matter how reputable your discography, if you have an overabundance of musical talent, or how much reddit users choose to worship you: no…


Staff Sound-Off

It’s officially summer. Sunscreen, watermelon, beaches, yada yada yada. Let’s skip to one of the most fun parts of this sun-soaked season: cramming as many…



It’s one of those sleepy winter afternoons that could easily pass for spring. The sun hangs lazily in the waning hours of daylight as I…


Staff's Sound-Off

Hey there, readers. How’re you all doing? Miss the sweetness of summer yet? While October gave us a few solid weeks of sun, it wasn’t…


Bear Mountain

Upon hearing the words “Bear Mountain,” you might conjure a tableau of fantastical imagery, marked by dark ominous woods and severe landscapes. More than likely…

Real Live Action


Ever since their rise from the shell of the Unicorns, Nick Thorburn and co. have been hard to pin down—both musically and emotionally. Starting from…

Real Live Action


At this point in Deerhunter’s career, it’s safe to expect the unexpected. An antsy tension brewed as the Rickshaw’s audience shuffled stage-ward to a smooth…

Under Review

Gold & Youth

Dance music and post-punk never really sat together that easily. The dourness of the latter often gets the better of any impulsiveness of the former….