Real Live Action

Winter Waste

Two topics were raised during onstage banter at the Friday, February 27 Winter Waste fundraiser: the first thing on everyone’s mind was Tops, playing the Biltmore…

Real Live Action

Ariel Pink

On February 11 at The Rickshaw, Ariel Pink’s first words to his eager crowd were, “Where’s the smoke?” Whether his goal was to obscure our…

Real Live Action

Weekend Bender

Well thought-out and timely scheduling drove the Astoria Weekend Bender, as it brought together a complete muddle of genres over the course of four days….

Under Review


Lié’s Consent is almost as infectiously listenable as it is disconcerting and nerve-wracking. At once, Consent manages to be a record that is as fun…



“It’s like drinking in someone’s living room.” Those were the first words I ever heard used to describe the Lido as I stood amidst a…


Fundrive 2015

Everyone has their own story of how their relationship with CiTR or Discorder began. My story starts in February of 2013, when I signed up…


Editor's Note

Fundrive: it’s a theme that runs heavily throughout our first issue of 2015 and one you’re hopefully already familiar with. Every year, CiTR — and…



“I thought I was going to get kicked out of the band,” admits BRASS frontman Devon Motz. We’re sitting in Motz’s apartment on a blustery…