Geoff Dembicki

Are We Screwed? And Other Questions Of Doomsday

“I don’t have much interest in convincing people who deny climate science, or the urgency of action. I’m preaching to the choir, and trying to get them riled up, organized and ready to tear shit down.”


The Shilohs

Disjointed, Disillusioned And Back For More

“It’s a big part of your life, basically your entire twenties, to spend with four guys making music. It seemed worth addressing in songs.”


Sammy Chien

A Chimerik Interview

“I’m interested in obscurity, ambiguity.”


Access Day

Access Day is coming up May 18. It is a day of special broadcasting on CiTR 101.9FM and other participating community radio stations across Canada,…



Although it might be uncomfortable to admit, Discorder is disposable. This magazine, like so many other publications of its kind, can be picked up for…


Louise Burns On Young Mopes

“You’re allowed to be self-loathing and sad and confused. That’s what you do in your twenties,” says Louise Burns, prolific Vancouver singer-songwriter, about to release…


Michael Red

A Cerebral Dance

“I like to look for cracks and fill in what’s needed for the overall experience.”


ISSUE Magazine

On East Pender, nestled inconspicuously next to a Chinese herb shop, is Unit/Pitt Projects. I meet Jamie Ward, the Building and Office Manager of U/P…