24 Hours of Radio Art 2017


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6:00AM-7:00AM: Absolute Value of Noise + Gívan Belá – Luminiferous Noise Machine
From the vales of Kra Land to the mountain peaks of Lotus Land, two horn players simulate the sounds of the airways that stretch in between. With cornet and pocket trumpet they create odd tunings of radio waves, the sound of angels bouncing off the stratosphere, and the noise of birds circling among the clouds. This generative performance will be streamed live from Jan 16th-18th. Find the full stream for Luminiferous Noise Machine here.

7:00AM-10:00AM: Bepi Crespan – Bepi Crespan
Difficult music, harsh electronics, spoken word, cut-up/collage and general CRESPAN© weirdness courtesy of RICHARD H. KIRK, NEGATIVLAND, HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LUX-OR, GIANLUCA FAVARON / ANACLETO VITOLO, MARCELLO MERCADO, SEVERED HEADS, K’AN, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER plus material from Reverse Alignment’s SELECTED FREQUENCIES II dark ambient / drone compilation.

10:00AM-11:00AM: Sara Lapsley – War of the Worlds
Sara Lapsley presents an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. Starring Gak from CiTR’s Exploding Head Movies, Jon Wurster, Kaj Korvela, and Jane Turner.

11:00AM-12:00PM: Scant Intone – Field Recordings: Sacred Spaces, Cities & Memory
Constantine Katsiris has been a composer of experimental electronic music for over two decades. An avid phonographer, he has conducted field recording expeditions around the world from urban settings like Prague and Paris to more remote regions such as the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. His compositions have been broadcast to listeners around the world from Concertzender Nederland to MTV Brazil. He is also passionate about showcasing, broadcasting, and disseminating sound works as a curator of exhibitions and concerts for festivals and galleries, as a programmer on community radio, and as the director of the Panospria record label for sonic experimentation. Having lived in five Canadian provinces, he calls Vancouver his home since 2008.

12:00PM-1:40PM: Adam Frank – Some Mad Scientists
Some Mad Scientists is written and produced by Adam Frank, with music by Sam Shalabi. The script is adapted from an ancient Greek text that depicts the laughter of mad science for what may be the first time. Find out more here.

1:40PM-1:50PM: Chrissy P. – bloopers
Featuring all the pieces of CiTR production that aren’t quite good enough for real radio, bloopers is a testament to the DIY nature of community radio. “A fear of making mistakes held me back from making radio. This piece is meant to celebrate making mistakes; mistakes made on radio are, for the most part, transient and momentary but also can be hidden or erased.”

1:50PM-2:00PM: Duncan Maunders – Oldies
“…an exploration of the possibilities that sampling provides to electronic composition…Oldies works as a meditation on the relationship between the radio medium and popular music, re-contextualizing melodies and fragments from hit songs originally disseminated through radio, and titled after a hallowed radio format.” Find out more here.

2:00PM-2:30PM: Lee Hutzulak – Lido Residency
“For the month of November I put together 6 new “bands” for a residency at the Lido: The Strata Council, Hot Towers, Shades of Scorpius, How Clouds Dream, The NGC. None of these configurations had ever performed as a unit before (except for 1 rehearsal as the NGC).” Find out more here.

2:30PM-3:00PM: Hank Bull – Untitled
“Inspired by experimental music, mail art, Fluxus, Dada and pataphysics, much of Bull’s practice has been ephemeral and dialogic, produced for underground audiences in artist-run and improvised contexts. Yet material things have played an important role as documents, pops, and aesthetic objects in their own right.” Hank Bull presents a new series of recordings for CiTR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art in advance of his new exhibition, Connexion, opening at the Burnaby Art Gallery this January 19th. Find out more here.

3:00PM-4:00PM: Josh Gabert-Doyon – 24 Hours, Energy Toning
A sound diary that covers the 12 hours immediately before and the 12 immediately after a healing session with Amahla Johnson, a Toronto-based healer who conducts energy toning sessions over the phone.

4:00PM-5:30PM: s* – Tacleron 1999 / Interview / Thunderklap Excerpts
Featuring an interview with tobias c. van Veen and multiple pieces from the artist, including Tacleron 1999 and excerpts from Thunderklap. “[tobias c. van Veen], b 1978, explores sound, machines and turntables through installation and performance […] working with festivals and galleries worldwide, including MUTEK, New Forms, Hexagram, Sonic Acts, STEIM, Eyebeam, Soundfjord, VIVO Media Arts, CiTR 101.9FM, Rhizome.org, Thurbulence.org, Kunstradio, radioCONA, the Mobile Digital Commons, and the Vancouver New Music Society.”

“Recovering long lost tapes of the N30 protests (the Battle of Seattle), s* composes a tense montage from the police scanner, combatting surveillance and arrest activities with frequency and noise manipulation.” Find out more here.

5:30PM-6:00PM: Brit Bachmann – San Pancho, 12/16/16-01/01/17
San Francisco (or San Pancho, as it’s known by locals) is a small town in the Nayarit region of Mexico. Once a small fishing village, then the site of an urban planning experiment in the 1970s, San Pancho is now a surfer town experiencing rapid gentrification. My father purchased land in San Pancho close to a decade ago, and I have visited annually since 2012. In that time, the sounds of the town have shifted. The noise of rural Mexico – roosters, gas company promotions, roadside produce vendors – are now accompanied by the sounds of nightlife and tourism growth – rumba-remixed hits, visitors on all-inclusive day trips, yoga retreats. This piece is an audio journal of San Pancho now, recorded in segments between December 16, 2016 and January 1, 2017.

6:00PM-7:00PM: Randophonic – Ghosts of Noisedays Past
A non-stop almost hour long mix featuring various archival pieces from various past Noise Days and Art’s Birthdays and other related occurrences (some even preceding the first official 24 Hours of Noise).  What they all have in common is that Bill Mullan was there when they happened, sometimes contributing, sometimes merely bearing witness  And they always shared a common goal, which was no fixed goal beyond noise, music, art, whatever. Nothing was ever written, rehearsed, practiced, planned in anyway. It all just happened.

7:00PM-9:00PM: Gak – Listening to the depth
gak returns to 24 Hours of Radio Art, celebrating the Fluxists who brought us this day but also looking at the continued toll of 2016 with composer Pauline Oliveros and inventor Dan Buchla highlighting a mix of relatively modern avantgarde sounds. A small studio experiment will close out the proceedings

9:00PM-10:00PM: prOphecy Sun – Body Frequencies
“…a collection of sounds I imagine whilst walking around this city at night time with my baby strapped to my body. The pieces focus on breath, pitch, frequencies, the global hum, and layered improvised vocal meanderings.”

10:00PM-11:00PM: Simon Welton – The Men Who Came
“A film noir comedy set in upstate New York, that tells the story of two con-men who choose the wrong prey when they attempt to hustle Fiona, a middle aged widow with more sense than the two con-men put together. The result is a fast paced and wild story of life, death and religion. This is not to be missed.”

11:00PM-12:00AM: Autonomy – Faraday Fantasies
“Radio is pervasive, but not omnipresent. Hear the sounds of spaces impenetrable to radio waves with Autonomy, host of CiTR’s copy/paste. Layered with improvised drum machine polyrhythms and synthesis mutations, this live in-studio performance builds music from spaces that reject airborne electromagnetism.”

12:00AM-12:44AM: Souns – Coastal
“As Souns, Michael Red’s Coastal project was born out sub-bass frequencies he started hearing on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia after taking up part-time residence there in 2011. The source of these frequencies is unknown and part of what appears to be a global mystery. As a whole, Coastal plays like a collection of field recordings with a few brief human interactions injected into otherwise natural, magnified sound environments. Coastal was pieced together from hours worth of recordings, selecting the most musical moments when the environment spoke the strongest and the unknown bass frequencies were the most dynamic.” Find out more here.

12:44AM-1:10AM: Alex Moskos – Moskos Reads the Zonal Poets
“Released as a ‘bonus tape’, with 75 copies riding sidecar to the “Hysteria” LP on NNA Tapes, “Drainolith Presents: Moskos Reads The Zonal Poets Vol.1″ is a spoken word cassette by Drainolith’s Alex Moskos (also known for Dan’l Boone, AIDS Wolf, etc). For this sucker curation was key. Moskos went strong into his crew to cull the richest wackadoo. An excerpt of deep-fried cultural criticism by Zac Davis for example. I remember hearing stories in the early 2000’s about a spring chicken’d Zac Davis masturbating into condoms in the back of tour vans, then eating them, and that wasn’t even the deep end for his mug. But it’s all probably only 80% true or so.” Find out more here.

1:10AM-3:00AM: Goulash – Radio Art Mix
“a journey of lies and aliens  n s a walls and fear and the enemy within and without
could be now the past or the future … enjoy listen vote share   goulash”

3:00AM-5:00AM: LIT LIT LIT LIT – Assorted Readings
LIT LIT LIT LIT is a bi-monthly literary event in Vancouver that simply invites FOUR writers and/or artists at a time to read their work to interested parties. CiTR is happy to air two recordings from LIT LIT LIT LIT: ReReadingRoom and SweetPup. Find out more here.

5:00AM-6:00AM: Absolute Value of Noise + Gívan Belá – Luminiferous Noise Machine
From the vales of Kra Land to the mountain peaks of Lotus Land, two horn players simulate the sounds of the airways that stretch in between. With cornet and pocket trumpet they create odd tunings of radio waves, the sound of angels bouncing off the stratosphere, and the noise of birds circling among the clouds. This generative performance will be streamed from Jan 16th-18th. Find the full stream for Luminiferous Noise Machine here.

Cover Image by Ricky Castanedo for CiTR 101.9FM / Discorder Magazine