Special Broadcast Episode January 17, 2017

24 Hours of Radio Art 2017: 6AM-7AM

6:00am - 7:00am

We open 24 Hours of Radio Art 2017 with a peak into the Luminiferous Noise Machine from CiTR Noise Day co-founder Absolute Value of Noise and Gívan Belá.

"From the vales of Kra Land to the mountain peaks of Lotus Land, two horn players simulate the sounds of the airways that stretch in between. With cornet and pocket trumpet they create odd tunings of radio waves, the sound of angels bouncing off the stratosphere, and the noise of birds circling among the clouds. This generative performance will be streamed live from Jan 16th-18th." Find out more here: http://absolutevalueofnoise.ca/?now

Track Listing:

Luminiferous Noise Machine
Absolute Value of Noise and Gívan Belá · Luminiferous Noise Machine