Special Broadcast Episode January 18, 2017

24 Hours of Radio Art 2017: Alexander Moskos - Reads the Zonal Poets: 12:50AM-

12:48am - 1:16am

“Released as a ‘bonus tape’, with 75 copies riding sidecar to the “Hysteria” LP on NNA Tapes, “Drainolith Presents: Moskos Reads The Zonal Poets Vol.1? is a spoken word cassette by Drainolith’s Alex Moskos (also known for Dan’l Boone, AIDS Wolf, etc). For this sucker curation was key. Moskos went strong into his crew to cull the richest wackadoo. An excerpt of deep-fried cultural criticism by Zac Davis for example. I remember hearing stories in the early 2000’s about a spring chicken’d Zac Davis masturbating into condoms in the back of tour vans, then eating them, and that wasn’t even the deep end for his mug. But it’s all probably only 80% true or so.” Find out more here: http://www.tabsout.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/draino-large.jpg