DOXA 2018

“The nature of documentary is telling stories that aren’t told. The mainstream media does a good enough job of giving out certain ideas, and these films are meant to deepen conversations.”

Real Live Action

Marbled Eye

When Vancouver locals Tough Customer ended their set, the band clustered together on stage in fits of laughter. Kat grabbed the mic and addressed the…


Summer Park Guide

“We decided to ask some local musicians about the parks closest to their hearts — the results are a hazy collection of industrial backwash, natural serenity, fuzzy feelings, and slow afternoons.”


24 Hours of Radio Art 2017

Click on the project names for the podcasts. 6:00AM-7:00AM: Absolute Value of Noise + Gívan Belá – Luminiferous Noise Machine From the vales of Kra Land…

Under Review

Zoo Strategies

A few weeks ago a friend of mine suggested that “Welcome to the Black Parade,” the 2007 hit from My Chemical Romance, was our generation’s…



It’s not often I get to conduct an interview for Discorder Magazine. As the editor-in-chief my role is more peripheral, which is why the opportunity…



“It’s a really critical time in Canadian history, where the offer of reconciliation is in front of us, and we need to do the hard work of taking it.”

Under Review


Ramzi’s music deserves deep listening — it’s intricately layered, serene/disorienting, and highly detailed. As per last month’s feature on the genre in Fact Magazine (which…


Other Jesus

“…the band has built both the skills and the confidence to write, record, and perform a growing catalogue of loud, catchy, and often satirical post-punk songs.”