Special Broadcast Episode January 17, 2017

24 Hours of Radio Art 2017: Brazillian Amazon + Macedonia Skopje : 11:10AM-11:50PM

11:10am - 11:52am

Constantine Katsiris has been a composer of experimental electronic music for over two decades. An avid phonographer, he has conducted field recording expeditions around the world from urban settings like Prague and Paris to more remote regions such as the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. His compositions have been broadcast to listeners around the world from Concertzender Nederland to MTV Brazil. He is also passionate about showcasing, broadcasting, and disseminating sound works as a curator of exhibitions and concerts for festivals and galleries, as a programmer on community radio, and as the director of the Panospria record label for sonic experimentation. Having lived in five Canadian provinces, he calls Vancouver his home since 2008.

Track Listing:

Lago Mamori Amazonas Brazil
Constantine Katsiris · Earth (Listening)
Eastern Orthofox Vespers Skopje Macedonia
scant intone · Cities and Memory