Special Broadcast Episode January 17, 2017

24 Hours of Radio Art 2017: Tacleron 1999 / Interview / Thunderklap Excerpts: 4:00PM-5:30PM

4:00pm - 5:29pm

Featuring an interview with tobias c. van Veen and multiple pieces from the artist, including Tacleron 1999 and excerpts from Thunderklap. “[tobias c. van Veen], b 1978, explores sound, machines and turntables through installation and performance […] working with festivals and galleries worldwide, including MUTEK, New Forms, Hexagram, Sonic Acts, STEIM, Eyebeam, Soundfjord, VIVO Media Arts, CiTR 101.9FM, Rhizome.org, Thurbulence.org, Kunstradio, radioCONA, the Mobile Digital Commons, and the Vancouver New Music Society.”

“Recovering long lost tapes of the N30 protests (the Battle of Seattle), s* composes a tense montage from the police scanner, combatting surveillance and arrest activities with frequency and noise manipulation.” Find out more here: http://iosound.ca/2012/05/io-003/

Track Listing:

Tacleron 1999
s* · 1981 / 1999
Thunderklap (Side A)
Thunderklap (Side B)