Special Broadcast Episode January 17, 2017

24 Hours of Radio Art 2017: Bepi Crespan: 7AM-10AM

7:00am - 10:00am

Difficult music, harsh electronics, spoken word, cut-up/collage and general CRESPAN© weirdness courtesy of RICHARD H. KIRK, NEGATIVLAND, HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LUX-OR, GIANLUCA FAVARON / ANACLETO VITOLO, MARCELLO MERCADO, SEVERED HEADS, K’AN, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, GRISCHA LICHTENBERGER plus material from Reverse Alignment’s SELECTED FREQUENCIES II dark ambient / drone compilation.

Track Listing:

Bepi Crespan 24 Hours of Radio Art 2017
Bepi Crespan · CiTR 24 Hours of Radio Art