The WISE Hall

The WISE Hall is a dim but homely space, with dark wooden floors and lights strung into a canopy overhead. My voice echoes across the…


Tidal ~ Signal

Take a look at any festival lineup, and chances are that not all genders are equally represented. That’s what SFU MFA students Rebecca Bruton and…


Arbutus Records

‘Arbutus’ is a name that may not mean much to anyone in Montreal, but it is a name familiar to many who’ve grown up in…


Glad Rags

Laughter and Noise

“Let’s be loud instead of being quiet.”



Passion Emergent

“I’ve always thought of Devours as a punk project, and a very selfish project, because I do what I want, and I need to do it to keep myself sane.”


Phono Pony

Do Everything Yourself

“We’re just exhibitionists at heart.”


Michael Red

A Cerebral Dance

“I like to look for cracks and fill in what’s needed for the overall experience.”


Yu Su

Calculatedly Abstract

“More scientific than music… it’s all about how to construct things and get the timing right.”


Reef Shark

“That’s the good thing about being good friends in a band. You can just, like, shit on each other.” It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon…