Announcing: Chastity Belt with Glad Rags June 25th!


CiTR Radio, Discorder Magazine and Blueprint Live are pleased to present: Chastity Belt with guests Glad Rags on June 25th at Fortune Sound Club!

“In the spring of 2010, Chastity Belt wasn’t so much a band as it was two words tagged all over its members’ mutual meeting place, Walla Walla, WA. At the time singer, guitarist, and songwriter Julia Shapiro was best known for hijacking performances by college students, whose bands were virtually guaranteed to die upon graduation, in order to play one joke song, Nickelback’s “Photograph.” It’s not that she had any love for the Alberta post-grunge behemoth, but a decade of their ubiquity served as something from which to craft an opposite; three years later, Chastity Belt’s debut album, No Regerts, is the logical conclusion to this venture and demonstrable proof that they are the accidental heirs to the Pacific Northwest’s rich musical legacy, Candlebox excepted, that we never knew we needed” (x).

Fresh off the release of their first album, Smile, Glad Rags are the openers. They were also on the cover of Discorder Magazine’s May issue.

“Glad Rags is a band that is unapologetically female and unapologetically fun. It’s even in their name, taken from a vintage slang term that means to wear your nicest clothes, a juxtaposition of the position of ‘glad’ with the ominous edge that ‘rag’ brings. Their ambitions include having their own personalized chip merch at their shows, with all the best flavours merged together. “Being onstage and being a part of this entity … that’s hugely empowering. I’m happy the stuff that we’re saying is stuff that I’m also passionate about,” says Thorn. From the chemistry and positive atmosphere that radiates from them, Glad Rags is a flavor combination that works” (Words by Natalie Dee for Discorder Magazine).

Tickets are available for purchase here, or at Red Cat Records, Neptoon Records and Zulu Records.