“We’re no strangers to adversity, and it has really been a positive influence on our lives to allow that to come out through our music.”

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Art D’Ecco

The idea of costume as a means to shed one skin and don another in order to connect with another person is no new thing…

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Psych Fest III

Psych as a genre had its auspicious beginning in the early ’60s, as L.S.D. and consciousness raising swept over philosophical, social, academic and artistic spaces….

Real Live Action

Music Waste Fest Part 1

Setting an exciting DIY, local, and generally good vibed precedent for the rest of the festival, day one of Music Waste at Fortune Sound Club…

Real Live Action


Outside Fortune on September 29, my lineup neighbours asserted that they were only there for Allie X and couldn’t care less about Shamir. I became…

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Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart

On June 23, Fortune Sound Club hosted a different sort of crowd than usual, even for a Tuesday night. Thanks to the Vancouver Jazz Fest,…

Real Live Action

Lil B

With that evening’s communion being held at Fortune Sound Club by Lil B “The BasedGod” himself, it was one of those Tuesday nights you just…