CiTR Charts May 31st, 2016


Same top two. Those local groups in the top 5 got the spring on lock.


1 Supermoon*+ Playland Mint

2 Softess*+ Absolute Truth Thankless

3 Les Chaussettes*+ Who Will Read Your Mind Self-Released

4 Karoline Leblanc* Velvet Oddities Atrito-Afeito

5 Ace Martens*+ Palm Springs Self-Released

6 Adrian Teacher and The Subs*+ Terminal City You’ve Changed

7 Veda Hille*+ Love Waves Self-Released

8 Black Mountain*+ IV Dine Alone

9 Jeff Zagers All for the Love of Sunshine Wharf Cat

10 Dirty Inputs* The Runcible Paper+Sound

11 Low Levels*+ S/T Shake!

12 Solids* Else Dine Alone

13 The Burning Hell* Public Library Headless Owl

14 Jackie Lynn Jackie Lynn Thrill Jockey

15 Various Artists ADSR Records Vol. 1 ADSR

16 Heiki* Dub Museum Paper+Sound

17 Plants And Animals Waltzed in from the Rumbling Secret City

18 Tetrix* Tetrix 14 Self-Released

19 DJ Champion Best Seller Self-Released

20 Pity Sex White Hot Moon Run For Cover

21 Late Spring*+ Invisible Agony Klub

22 Hooded Fang* Venus on Edge Daps

23 Wishkicker*+ Por Que, Y? Self-Released

24 Tim Hecker* Love Streams Paper Bag

25 DJ Zozi*+ Mellow Vibe 1080p

26 We Found a Lovebird*+ Lobby Self-Released

27 Kate Maki* Head In The Sand Confusion Unlimited

28 Nennen* Two Mountains Self-Released

29 A Giant Dog Pile Merge

30 Braids* Companion EP Flemish Eye