Nudges, Nods, Notes

“It’s a really critical time in Canadian history, where the offer of reconciliation is in front of us, and we need to do the hard work of taking it.”

Real Live Action

Sigur Rós

The evening began outside, thirty minutes prior to Sigur Rós taking the stage, with me watching people fill the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre,…



The Powar of Words

“Jasleen Powar is like dress rehearsal, but Horsepowar is who I am at my full potential, at that exact moment.”

Real Live Action

The Subways

On a sleepy blue Tuesday evening in downtown Vancouver, the streets were all but deserted apart from a few stragglers as I wandered into the…


Late Spring

Creativity Through Chaos

“It’s not over until the band leader says it’s over, and that’s not going to be for a long time.”



The Making of a Pop Princess

“I am trying to show people that a laptop is an instrument, and it makes way cooler sounds than a guitar ever could.”




“Here at Discorder, we want you to love (and we do mean “love”) our first five winners and Shindig’s host the same way we do, so get ready to swipe right for the magazine’s very own dating app — Shinder.”

Real Live Action


On November 14 at The Cobalt, Los Angeles-based Pearl Charles got off to a late start for a sparse crowd. Still, in the course of…


Big Joy Barber & Salon

Smooth Highlights

“It’s nice to learn how to have a vested interest in another person. I think there’s some value in that, just as a person in the world, to not just talk about yourself all the time.”