Shindig it’s a tradition that has endured the city’s musical mélange for over three decades. Over 800 bands have performed on half a dozen stages throughout the competition’s long and thickly woven history, and now for the 32nd time a trove of Vancouver talent has taken Shindig by full force.

Sadly, not all of our old customs have had the same luck enduring so many years of change the way Shindig has. In our tech-savvy, tap-happy world, it has become increasingly difficult to get to know bands on a personal level. Gone are the groupies of yore, replaced by hordes of faceless Instagram followers and surreptitious Soundcloud streamers. Here at Discorder, we want you to love (and we do mean “love”) our first five winners and Shindig’s host the same way we do, so get ready to swipe right for the magazine’s very own dating app Shinder.







CiTR’s Shindig is hosted at Pat’s Pub. Upcoming dates include December 1 with Late Spring, Cloudhood and RE/GEN, December 8 with Francesca Belcourt, Speranza and Red Circle, and December 15 with The Psychic Alliance, Making Strangers and Bright Red Kite. Semi Finals will be held January 12, 19 and 26, and the Finals will be Friday, February 5.

*Discorder would like to present an extended write-up, recovered from The New National Film Board’s Shinder profile.


The NNFB is new age, not ageist, specializing in DIY film-production and live performance. We’re the peoples’ film board. We wear white before and after Labour Day.

Sex is optional but we’re open to any and every possibility.

The NNFB is a location in itself. A litter carrying the peoples’ films, held aloft by the people themselves. Kind of like a painter’s palette. A palette cradled in the palms of Berlin and Vancouver and everywhere else.


The New National Film Board of Canada is various interchanging members changing like the projected everyday scenes on the curtain tent. What stimulates the music is a mix of experienced emotions and mediated views – praise and blame for what and who? The audience gets to pick what they make out of this mediated improvisation. In essence, the NNFB is an infinite nothing unfolding endlessly among opposing elements, inevitably colliding and creating patches and blends of fluorescent unease and kaleidoscopic comfort-lined cosmic toques of silent contemplation.


We are seeking, searching, looking, scouring.  We won’t stop scouring until there’s no finish left.  Just an unpolished spot where something pretty used to be. Anything without sharp edges. We are also seeking the most beautiful chord progression in the whole wide world – an endless quest!


Wolf dreams, executing mice, stacking toothpicks, duct-taping cracks in the sidewalk. Painful karaoke, emotional examinations, deep diving, french fries with mayonnaise.  Tumbling infinitely into endless hyperlinks.  


A perfect date would be one that didn’t end in blood, tears and handcuffs.  Wait, perhaps we mean that the other way around. We would sit under the brightest sun, naked, on a cold winter’s day fishing in an ice hole for an extinct species of fish. Dinner in front of a $5 dollar fire log. For dessert there will always be a package of Neapolitan ice cream; we eat only the chocolate though.