Baby Blue

“Death is not a scary thing, it’s a door that opens and changes your life and rejuvenates you.” “I feel like I’ve died in many ways and then come back,”

Two weeks after releasing her album Death of Euphoria, Baby Blue was on a plane ready to begin her first tour of Europe. The music…

Kamikaze Nurse

Soundtrack to a Deleuzian Romance Novel

It’s a classic grey July day, summertime sadness is the name of the game and what better fitting way to meet with dark lords of…

Cole Pauls

“Indigenous Futurism, to me personally, is to be able to see yourself in the future generations ahead and not accept that our culture is a thing of the past"

If you could write somebody into existence, a superhero per se, who would they be? Your experiences undeniably inform the paths of your imagination, so…

Under Review






Real Live Action

Photo Essay: Sled Island 2019

w/ Liè, Rapsody, Dumb, Necking, Lex Leosis, Energy Slime, Jae Sterling, Kellarissa, AYE, Quaker Parents, Jack Harlow

Photo Essay: Music Waste 2019

w/ Booty EP, Garbage Dreams, Kamikaze Nurse, Devours, Jerk Jails, Maneater, Mamarudegyal, Hope, Total Ed, Mr. Merlot


w/ anybodys, Necking, Shrouded Amps