Conjurer of worlds, master of arcane wisdom.

World building means you have a sense of a bigger universe. Of something more, even epic, things that haunt the edges of your story. Turunesh…

Evan Michael Sproat

Life flows through inanimate objects.

I remember when I first encountered Evan Michael Sproat’s work circa 2016. Being a transplanted prairie chicken myself, I thought it had made such a…

Kyla Jamieson

To conflate Kyla with the "I" of the poems is to get her wrong again.

I keep being wrong about Kyla Jamieson. I first saw her at a reading, where I was struck by her fierceness. Her poetry was biting…


Hovering cursors, paths that compete to offer themselves.

They glided in the cafe on a unicycle.  A sense of opportunism mixed with a heavy, wistful wonder struck me throughout our conversation. Daffodil is…

Under Review


Real Live Action

Kingfisher Bluez 12th Annual Christmas Party

w/ Peach Pit / Winona Forever / Sam Tudor / Sleepy Gonzales / Tim the Mute / Babe Corner / Non La / Marlaena Moore / Bridal Party / kylie v / Luvgoon / Kristin Witko / David Ivan Neil / Dacey