Under Review

Kitty Prozac

My Side of the Split

(self-released); 02/01/2020

Shreya Shah

Kitty Prozac’s sound is powerful pop punk, and this is definitely reflected in the album. Mentioned in the name itself, My Side of the Split is made up of tracks from a split EP that wasn’t released due to a fallout with a fellow artist. The album’s four songs — “Lucy,” “Vacation Song,” “Kitty You’re a Fuckup,” and “Hydrogen” — despite being fully acoustic, are all powerful and undeniably pop-punk. 

“Lucy” gripped me from the very get-go. Simple, genuine and incredibly personal, the opening lines immediately caught me with their earnest and emotional impact: “Well hey there Lucy, I’ve got a stupid question for you / Would you like to get coffee with me today?”

Opening with the ever-so relatable anecdote about friendships and insecurities, listening to every verse was like peeling a new layer of the onion. By the time I reached the chorus, I was transported back to ninth grade, re-living the tensions that come with the combination of friendship and drugs.

“Vacation Song” and “Kitty You’re a Fuck Up,” on the other hand, failed to evoke a similar effect on me. With a strong instrumental openings and emotional lyrics, the songs still felt in need of a little fine tuning. However, they don’t fail to showcase Kitty’s potential, if only they were slightly more complete. 

But it’s Kitty Prozac’s initiative to record the music in a basement suite while cat-sitting that really calls out to their passion for songwriting and creative expression. That drive to put out such emotionally expressive music is what really make My Side of the Split stand out.