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Sled Island: Mint Records Showcase

You know a show is certainly going to be something when you start the afternoon holding your camera bag under bathroom hairdryer in the basement…


Summer Park Guide

“We decided to ask some local musicians about the parks closest to their hearts — the results are a hazy collection of industrial backwash, natural serenity, fuzzy feelings, and slow afternoons.”

Real Live Action

Music Waste 2017

Over the last few years in Vancouver, we’ve watched more venues shut down than we have found new ones opening up. Because of this, what…


Mint Records’ Ridiculously Early Xmas Party!

Mint Records, Discorder Magazine and CiTR Radio 101.9FM are proud to present the annual and always early Mint Records holiday party this Saturday, November 26th at Astoria Hastings! This year,…

Real Live Action

Jay Arner

It was around 9 p.m. when I arrived at The Lido, already brimming with people drinking and chatting in the cozy, antique-clad East Van venue…

Real Live Action


It might just be me, but the Astoria seems to book certain bands a lot. Case in point: Supermoon’s release party for Playland, their sophomore…