Real Live Action

Photo Essay: Ivory Towers

You have chosen to look into your own reflection. You immediately turn to stone and fall to the ground. You sit for centuries gathering moss,…


Sam Tudor

Eyes Wide Shut

“Ear aside, it kind of proposes that under all the nuclear lifestyles and well manicured neighbourhoods, there can be something ominous and dark.”

Real Live Action

Shindig Semi-Finals: Week #3

Jock Tears, Little Sprout, and Mirepoix took to the stage for the third semi-final round, and the second to last Shindig of the year. It…


Gary Cassettes

Every summer, the city of Victoria hosts the Eventide Music Series, an all-ages concert program that takes place in the strange Modernist pavilion of Centennial…


Tim The Mute

A Wail Of 2 Cities

“I don’t want to sound like Usher anyway.”

Real Live Action

Boreal Sons

Boreal Sons at the Biltmore on a Monday night couldn’t have been quieter. As one of the few who arrived early, I observed the slow…


Swim Team

In Physical Space

“I wanted it to be kind of ugly.”

Real Live Action

Malcolm Jack

The door to the China Cloud opened only a few minutes before the show was set to begin, and the room filled up quickly. It’s…

Real Live Action


In 2012, Brandon Hoffman was living in Vancouver and recording music under the name Blocktreat. In 2014, he moved to the interior of British Columbia…