Album Premiere: The Storm is Coming

Your first chance to listen to Dakk’One’s new EP, plus an intimate interview about growing up in Saskatoon and the colonial violence he raps about on this new release



Waiting For JayKin

“You know life kind of hits you.”



All Of Me

“I really want to feel like all my layers are in my music so I can just be like, ‘listen to my music,’ and that’s actually all of me.”



The Powar of Words

“Jasleen Powar is like dress rehearsal, but Horsepowar is who I am at my full potential, at that exact moment.”


So Loki

You've Got Me Itchin' and Scratchin'

“Especially where we are in Canada, especially in Vancouver, there’s a lot of diversity so we’re definitely trying to push that boundary a bit. Make people feel weird.”

Under Review


The opening track on Brevner, “Chico,” samples dialogue from Scarface. Tony Montana explains to his companion Chico what he wants: “The world, Chico, and everything…

Under Review

So Loki

So Loki, the Vancouver rapper Sam Lucia and producer Natura’s new mixtape Supermanic begins like the opening of a portal to a new world. The…


From the CiTR Archives #23

Image: photo by Michael Coury // October 1990 issue of Discorder. This week, From the CiTR Archives takes you back to Vancouver’s “first full-fledged rap…