Real Live Action

Raven Chacon

There’s a certain cleverness to the name of the venue: Deep Blue. For one thing, its role as a hub for DIY, experimental electronic music…


Tidal ~ Signal

Take a look at any festival lineup, and chances are that not all genders are equally represented. That’s what SFU MFA students Rebecca Bruton and…

Real Live Action

Vancouver Noise Fest VI

On May 7, I was to have my first experience with “unlistenable” sounds in a musical context, and for 7 hours, no less. While I…


Mass Marriage

“I’ve always been drawn to the tragic female figure in literature, film; the hysteric woman.”

Real Live Action

John Wiese

I was at The Getty last August. The afternoon hovered around 30°C: desultory conditions for tourists like myself. So, walking around the museum’s grounds, I…

Real Live Action


There’s something to be said about the Fox Cabaret hosting a night of noise music: the juncture between a restored porn theatre and harsh electronics….

Real Live Action


On a Thursday night, a scene recognizable to generations of West Coast freaks — and perhaps to every fan of underground music ever – transpired at…