Tidal ~ Signal: A Festival of Exploratory Music and Sound


Taking place on July 30th – 31st at Selectors’ Records, Tidal ~ Signal aims to highlight women, transgender, genderqueer and intergender artists working in left-field genres.  The inaugural Tidal ~ Signal will feature an array of music, encompassing noise, ambient, electronic, drone, experimental techno, improvised, sound and performance art. The festival was created by SFU MFA students Rebecca Bruton and Alexandra Spence.

“The name Tidal ~ Signal, comes in two parts. Tidal creates a connection to place and geography. ‘All of our artists are from Vancouver, so it’s about supporting the experimental scene here,’ says Spence. Signal ‘represents sound and music simultaneously,’ adds Bruton” (Words by Natalie Dee for Discorder Magazine).

The line up features Kiran Bhumber, Sara Gold, Alanna Ho, Jouisseur, Brady Marks, Mass Marriage, Orcana, PrOphecy Sun and more.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $10 – $15 at the door, or $20 for a weekend pass.