Unleashing Hounds


“Get the arms nice and buff, Kati, ‘cause we’re going two times faster.”

Real Live Action

The Sunday Service

By 8:30pm on February 12, the Fox was completely at-capacity. The Sunday Service, the long-running weekly improv show, didn’t start until nine, but the dimly…

Under Review


Vancouver ambient electronic artist Spencer Davis has moved away from his Nervous Operator pseudonym to record under a new name. Usd.’s genre is self‐described as industrial dub…

Real Live Action


Horses: freedom, liberation, unbridled power. Records: best enjoyed in the presence of others. Celebrating their first day in business, feelings of liberation and communion filled…


Vancouver's Waste-Makers

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-April, I arrived at the Strathcona store-front apartment of Mark Richardson, one of the main Music Waste festival organizers,…


Hallow Moon

“There’s something special about feeling connected to the past and present through music.” After opening for an array of revered acts — including the Growlers,…


Jam Space

I arrive at an industrial back alley door next to a busy Clark Drive. In between workshop garages and bikes, hardcore quartet Keep Tidy —…