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New Video by Portland’s Woolen Men

Who are Woolen Men? Their music is self-described as being “for people who eat cheese & onions.” I would argue that they greatly underestimate themselves. Their music has the capacity to move vegans and alliumphobics alike.

Take for instance “In Disguise,” the song from their new music video. Who doesn’t love a narrative around a Top Secret paper hand-off, a book caper, and some communist readings? (I’m also pretty sure at least one of the actors is vegan.)




Woolen Men – In Disguise from Katayoon on Vimeo.

This video by local artist and organizer Katayoon Yousefbigloo was shot on Hi8. Yousefbigloo has also done music videos for Swim Team, Puzzlehead, Usd., and is working on a video for lié that will debut at the upcoming Symphony of Fire IV in December.