Window Art Walk

The Window Art Walk 2022 was an open air group exhibition, displayed on and in houses between Commercial Drive to Fraser Street / East Broadway…

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Music For Augmented Pipe Organ

When I think of contemporary music, I visualize an old man in circular glasses listening to a polyrhythmic oboe piece. So, walking into the Pacific…

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Holy Hum

Part three of Soft Cedar, an ‘unconventional’ series of concerts organized by The Cultch, was Holy Hum and Hello Blue Roses at the historic York…

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Playing over the muffled stirring and chatter of the crowd, Mega Bog seemed out of place. The Commodore was too big, empty and uncaring for…

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Devours Tape Release

Showing up to the Astoria early and alone, here was no one there to hide behind. The crowd that would later arrive hadn’t yet, but…

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Radiator Hospital

There are bands that you could take home to meet your mother. I can imagine it now: Radiator Hospital, alimony and Tim The Mute would…


PRISM International

“Writing can allow you to inhabit an entirely different reality and perspective. It sounds so cliché, but that helps strengthen our ability to empathise and give us the experience of empathy, and I think that empathy is an important part of radical thinking and living and writing.”

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Levitation Day 1

I was apprehensive to say the least. After attending Levitation last year I had high hopes of the whimsical outdoors, the silk tents, and the…

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Music Waste Fest Part 1

Setting an exciting DIY, local, and generally good vibed precedent for the rest of the festival, day one of Music Waste at Fortune Sound Club…